Landscape Materials


Harold Pepper & Sons Ltd. in Simcoe is passionate about helping our clients create beautiful landscapes. As a successful landscape material supply business for over 70 years, we’ve helped many families, contractors and businesses to get their properties in tip top shape. We are a private carrier for bulk agricultural commodities and a supplier of landscape materials to the public. We also operate a small trucking company hauling bulk agricultural commodities throughout South-Western Ontario.

Our landscape materials supply business specializes in soils and mulch. We’re all about creating curb appeal. A beautifully landscaped property adds value. Keeping your property in great shape means that you can enjoy it; the long term benefit is that it will sell for a higher price upon resale, and is attractive for potential tenants.

Our soil and mulch products continue to be in high demand by gardeners, homeowners and maintenance crews in and around the counties of Norfolk and Haldimand. Bulk deliveries are available from 1 yard to 20 yards of most products in a single delivery. This is fast and efficient for new builds and renovation projects.

Sand, screened topsoil, triple mix, compost, mulch, river rock and coloured stone add beauty to properties of all sizes. Smart gardeners know the value of mulch. It reduces weeds and retains moisture in the soil during dry summer heat. That means less time weeding and watering, and more time enjoying your pretty flowers and shrubs. We offer Cedar, Hardwood and Pine Mulch.

Not only does Harold Pepper & Sons offer great products, but we also boast a large selection, competitive prices and knowledgeable staff.

We are conveniently located at 151 Hwy 6, Port Dover.

We deliver all landscape materials quickly and efficiently.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Email us or call us at:

Local: 519-426-2246
Toll Free: 1-800-644-1950

Here’s to your beautiful new landscape!



+ Delivery Our YD
Hardwood 26.50 30.00
Coloured (Black, Brown, Red) 45.00 50.00
Natural (Pine, Cedar) 45.00 50.00


+ Delivery Our YD
Topsoil 23.00 25.00
Composted Topsoil 28.00 30.00
Compost 30.00 35.00
Black Triple Mix 40.00 45.00

Landscape Rock

+ Delivery Our YD
Pea Gravel 23.00/tne 45.00 50.00
River Rock (Commercial) 26.00/tne 50.00 60.00
River Rock (Decorative) 90.00 100.00
Red Crushed Brick (2 Sizes) 95.00 110.00
Accent Rocks / Flagstone /
Armour Stone
Priced Per Pound

Sand & Stone

+ Delivery Our YD
Clear Limestone 22.00 (per tne) 50.00
Crushed Limestone 15.00 (per tne) 30.00
Sandfill 10.00 20.00
Mason Sand 19.00 (per tne) 50.00
Concrete Sand 14.00 (per tne) 50.00
Pre-Mix 24.00 (per tne) 50.00
*Bagged Landscape Materials Available
All prices are per cubic yard unless otherwise specified. Prices for materials “Our YD” include all applicable taxes.